Dubai Rents Still High

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Even Dh80,000 won’t get you far when it comes to finding a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai. And the way the rental market is behaving, that sum would force a prospective tenant to look to the outer suburbs or even some of the northern emirates.

“It has become extremely challenging for “single-income families” with one or two children” and in certain occupations such as teaching or nursing to come upon an “affordable” two-bedroom apartment in Dubai, according to analysis by ValuStrat Consulting, an advisory firm.

The best that someone in a secretarial position or a nurse can hope to rent is a studio, while an accountant or a school teacher will have to make do with a one-bedroom apartment.

Eating into salaries

The firm based its findings by looking at Dubai’s demographic trends, headline inflation rates, residential stock supply and current rent levels. It also worked the numbers using salary surveys cutting across job categories and commuting distances between the place of work and the residence.

According to the research, on average up to 38 per cent of an individual’s income can be taken up by rentals.

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