How Much Are You Worth?

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If you are planning to ask for a salary increase this year, it is important to know what you’re worth before talking to your manager about it. Negotiating for a bigger paycheque can be both tricky and uncomfortable. In fact, nearly three out of 10 people have decided not to bother their employer about wage increases because they feel uncomfortable doing so, according to a new survey by Payscale. However, if you’re armed with the right salary information, you will be confident enough to step up and demand for that extra money that you rightly deserve.

The 2015 Salary Guide by Hays, a recruitment agency that has an office in Dubai, provides the latest salary brackets for more than 100 job titles in various industries in the UAE and countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. The guide includes salary ranges for various jobs, from high-level to low-level positions, in accounting and finance, construction and property, human resources, information technology, marketing, office support and supply chain and logistics

The guide has been completed using data gathered in the last quarter of 2014 from more than 2,000 employees and 200 employers throughout the Middle East. Here’s a close look at the current range of monthly salaries for a number of positions in at least seven sectors in the UAE, as of  December 2014


CFO-Group/Regional: Dh80,000 - Dh160,000
CFO (Medium sized company): Dh65,000 - Dh80,000
Head of Finance/Finance Director (Medium sized company): Dh45,000 - Dh65,000
Financial Controller: Dh35,000 - Dh58,000
Internal Audit Department Head: Dh23,000 - Dh55,000
Chief Accountant/Finance Manager: Dh22,000 - Dh35,000
Senior/Regional Financial Analyst: Dh20,000 - Dh33,000
Financial Analyst: Dh15,000 - Dh24,000
Credit/Revenue Controller (Professional Services): Dh16,000 - Dh25,000
Financial/Management Accountant: Dh14,000 - Dh25,000
Internal Auditor (non-management position): Dh12,000 -  Dh23,000
Accountant/Senior Accountant: Dh10,000 - Dh18,000
Account Receivable/Payable: Dh8,000 - Dh18,000



Senior Architect: Dh29,000 - Dh45,000
Senior Interior Design: Dh22,000 - Dh30,000
Site Architect: Dh17,000 - Dh25,000
Junior Architect: Dh10,000 - Dh14,000
Interior Designer: Dh9,500 - Dh16,000


C-Suite/Principal Level: Dh51,000 - Dh130,000
Senior Estimating Manager: Dh55,000 - Dh65,000
Commercial Manager: Dh45,000 - Dh68,000
Senior Contracts Manager: Dh40,000 - Dh55,000
Senior Project Manager: Dh25,000 - Dh65,000
HSSE Manager: Dh35,000 - Dh80,000
Senior Cost Manager: Dh37,000 - Dh42,000
Senior Quantity Surveyor: Dh28,000 - Dh46,500
Project Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh46,000
Contracts Manager: Dh24,000 - Dh40,000
Construction Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh48,000
Cost Manager: Dh17,000 - Dh35,000
Quantity Surveyor: Dh15,000 - Dh35,000


MEP: Dh27,000 - Dh55,000
Senior Electrical Engineer: Dh32,000 - Dh40,000
Senior Civil Engineer: Dh20,000 - Dh50,000
Planning Engineer: Dh12,500 - Dh55,000
Resident Engineer: Dh20,000 - Dh55,000
Project Engineer: Dh15,000 - Dh25,000
Quality Assurance Engineer: Dh17,000 - Dh20,000
Electrical Engineer: Dh10,000 - Dh18,000


Senior Facilities Manager: Dh30,000 - Dh42,000
Facilities Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh28,000

Senior Development Manager: Dh50,000 - Dh65,000
Senior Commercial/Leasing Manager: Dh38,000 - Dh60,000
Commercial/Leasing Manager In-house: Dh24,000 - Dh30,000
MRICS Valuations Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh30,000Property Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh40,000


HR Director (Group): Dh40,000 - Dh80,000
Senior HR Manager/Director: Dh35,000 - Dh49,000
C&B Manager: Dh22,000 - Dh37,000
Recruitment Manager: Dh21,000 - Dh50,000
HR Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh36,000
L&D Manager: Dh25,000 - Dh35,000
Talent Management: Dh25,000 - Dh40,000
HR Generalist: Dh15,000 - Dh20,000
Recruitment Specialist: Dh12,500 - Dh20,000
HR Advisor: Dh13,000 - Dh15,000
HR Officer/Assistant: Dh10,000 - Dh15,000
HR Admin Assistant: Dh10,000 - Dh15,000
Recruitment Assistant: Dh10,000 - Dh15,000


Head of IT/IT Director: Dh35,000 - Dh65,000
Information Security Manager: Dh25,000 - Dh45,000
Project Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh45,000
IT Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh45,000
Network Architect: Dh15,000 - Dh50,000
Technical Team Leader: Dh12,000 - Dh25,500
Business Analyst: Dh12,000 - Dh37,500
Systems Analyst: Dh12,500 - Dh22,000
System Administrator: Dh10,000 - Dh22,000
Software Engineer: Dh10,000 - Dh20,000
Network Administrator: Dh10,000 - Dh19,000
Network Engineer: Dh10,000 - Dh18,000
IT Engineer: Dh10,000 - Dh18,000


CMO: Dh52,000 - Dh100,000
Marketing Director: Dh30,000 - Dh59,000
Marketing Manager: Dh21,000 - Dh38,000
Senior Account Manager: Dh22,000 - Dh27,000
Digital Marketing Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh30,000
Marketing Executive: Dh15,000 - Dh23,000
Social Media Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh20,000
Public Relations Executive: Dh13,000 - Dh20,000
Assistant Brand Manager: Dh12,000 - Dh15,500
Marketing Assistant: Dh10,000 - Dh14,000
Account Manager: Dh9,000 - Dh12,000


General/Operations Manager: Dh30,000 - Dh50,000
Legal Secretary: Dh11,000 - Dh23,000
Office Manager: Dh10,000 - Dh25,000
Executive Assistant: Dh12,000 - Dh25,000
Personal Assistant: Dh15,000 - Dh25,000
Executive Secretary: Dh13,000 - Dh22,000
Administrator: Dh10,000 - Dh18,000
Team Assistant: Dh9,000 - Dh18,000
Reception: Dh6,000 - Dh16,000
Administration Assistant: Dh4,000 - Dh12,000


COO: Dh70,000 - Dh100,000
General Manager 3PL: Dh35,000 - Dh60,000
Logistics Manager: Dh15,000 - Dh30,000
Planning Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh30,000
Logistics Specialist: Dh10,000 - Dh18,000
Logistics Coordinator: Dh10,000 - Dh17,000
Customer Service Executive: Dh7,000 - Dh15,000
Operations Manager: Dh20,000 - Dh35,000
Supply Chain Director: Dh50,000 - Dh75,000
Group Supply Chain Manager: Dh40,000 - Dh50,000
Supply Chain Manager: Dh25,000 - Dh35,000
Supply Chain Coordinator: Dh10,000 - Dh22,000

Source: Hays 

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