What's In

  • One Onsite Callout
  • First Manpower Hour

Whats' Out

  • Additional Manpower Hours Charged AED 195/hr for Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Consumables (Quoted Separately)
  • Parts (Quoted Separately)
  • Non Emergency Works (Quoted Separately)


The Details

Our engineering teams are some of the most experienced in the UAE and routinely perform preventative and reactive maintenance to systems in thousands of homes each week.

We understand the common minor repairs that you may need to do around your home such as:

  • Broken hinges, latches and handles
  • Resealing minor tile cracks
  • Jammed doors or windows
  • Paint scraches or scuffs

We can solve most minor works requirements within 1 hour

The Fine Print
  • If access is not available when our team arrives we reserve the right to retain Callout Fee / No Refund / No Reschedule
  • Any additional Extra costs will be charged to the Customers Account and must be paid within 30 Days


Minor Repair Job

    AED 195.00