What do I get in the EcoSaver Package?

A/C – We install a DEWA certified device called Aircosaverto your A/C units to optimise the usage of the compressor in split and package units, reducing the biggest energy cost in your home.


Water – We install aerators to your basin faucets, shower heads and shattafs which reduce the water consumed without affecting the pressure.


Lighting – We install a mixture of LED and CFL bulbs to replace your existing lighting, reducing your electric consumption and maintenance.


How much do I save?

Typically 15-20% over the course of a year.

This will vary according to seasonal changes, usage, villa size, etc. However, our extensive research in the UAE shows savings of 15-20% can comfortably be achieved without changing usage patterns.

The costs of installation normally pay for themselves within just 12 months.* This means even if you are a tenant, you can usually still earn your money back before the end of your lease.


How can I best achieve maximum savings?

Based on our research, we recommend and install a pre-determined number of devices according to your villa size (see table below). These numbers have been carefully calculated to give the quickest possible return on your investment. 

For example, there’s little point in installing LED bulbs in that room you hardly ever use, or in the bedroom where they are on for a short amount of time each day.


Villa Size Number of Devices Installed
Airco Savers LED Bulbs CFL Bulbs Aerators
2 to 3 b/r Villa 3 12 12 7
4 to 5 b/r Villa 5 16 16 13
6 to 7 b/r Villa 7 20 20 17
Special! If you have a 7+ b/r Villa - please call 800-MPLUS (67587) and we will tailor a package for you


Want to add more devices to your Eco Saver package? Simply give us a call on 800-MPLUS(67587) and we will be glad to arrange this for you.


Additional Services:

  • Moving homes? We can transfer your Eco Saver package to your new home.
  • Home Energy Audit & Report
  • Indivudal packages for Airco Saver, Water Aerators & LED/CFL bulbs
  • Soil additives which reduce garden watering needs
  • Replacing your garden lawn with artificial grass
  • Solar film for your windows


The Fine Print
  • Airco Saver works on split and package type A/C units commonly used in UAE villas. It does not work on Fan Coil Units (normally found in apartments) or window A/Cs.
  • The savings % is an estimation based on recommended packages, villa size and average utility usage compared aganist the same month of previous year.
  • *The return on investment is calculated based on recommended packages for various villa sizes. The ROI may differ due to inclusion of additional devices, villa size and utility usage patterns.
  • Due to monthly fluctuations in energy consumptions and usage patterns in UAE, you need to measure the savings over a full 12 month period in comparison with last year. if you have not saved any money on your energy bills, send us paper copies of your monthly utility bills for the 12 months prior and post installation and we will give you a full refund and remove the energy saving devices. Subject to no increase in DEWA unit costs, changes in housing fee or any other taxes, structural changes, increase in occupancy and utilisation levels.

The Last Word

Have you thought about regular home maintenance?

Our HomeSure packages make sure your home is in optimum condition and if you ever need anything fixed every emergency call out is absolutely free!


EcoSAVER Packages

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