With the basic Eco Saver Water package, your can take your frist step towards saving energy consumption and costs at home. We can have our skilled technicians install aerators to your basin faucets, shower heads and shattafs, that mixes air with water allowing up to 30-40% water savings without affecting the pressure.


How can I best achieve maximum savings?

Based on our research, we recommend and install a pre-determined number of devices according to your villa size (see table below). These numbers have been carefully calculated to give the quickest possible return on your investment. 


Villa Size Number of Devices Installed
2 to 3 b/r Villa 7
4 to 5 b/r Villa 13
6 to 7 b/r Villa 17
Special! If you have a 7+ b/r Villa - please call 800-MPLUS (67587) and we will tailor a package for you


Additional Services:

  • Moving homes? We can transfer your Lighting package to your new home.
  • Home Energy Audit & Report
  • Eco Saver package for your A/C, Electrical & Water utilities to reduce energy consumption costs
  • Indivudal packages for Airco Savers & LED/CFL bulbs
  • Soil additives which reduce garden watering needs
  • Replacing your garden lawn with artificial grass
  • Solar film for your windows


The Fine Print
  • The savings % is an estimation based on recommended packages, villa size and average utility usage compared aganist the same month of previous year.
  • Due to monthly fluctuations in energy consumptions and usage patterns in UAE, you need to measure the savings over a full 12 month period in comparison with last year. if you have not saved any money on your energy bills, send us paper copies of your monthly utility bills for the 12 months prior and post installation and we will give you a full refund and remove the energy saving devices. Subject to no increase in DEWA unit costs, changes in housing fee or any other taxes, structural changes, increase in occupancy and utilisation levels.

The Last Word

Have you thought about a complete Eco Saver package?

With our Eco Saver package, we install retrofit devices to your A/C, lighting and water utilities to reduce overall energy consumtpion and utility bills.


EcoSAVER Water Solutions

    Price from
    AED 415.00